VeeR Origin VR Headset, 3D Virtual Reality Goggles Review

VeeR Origin is a premium VR headset introduced by VeeR VR, a leading global VR content distribution site. The virtual reality headset is specifically designed for an effortless viewing experience and is compatible with most VR video apps. KEY HIGHLIGHTS: [+] PUT AWAY YOUR GLASSES: Experience 20/20 vision again with Origin’s focal length adjustment, up to 600 degrees with myopia and 200 degrees with hyperopia. Adjustable pupil distance of up to 12mm for a tailored fit. [+] YOUR ULTIMATE PRIVATE THEATRE: Put on Origin to have an unparalleled viewing experience with our 112° wide angle lens. The aspheric optical lens also eliminates optical aberrations while the multilayer blue film provides eye protection by filtering out harmful lights. [+] AUDIOPHILES APPROVED: Origin is a treat for the audiophile with its noise-reducing hi-fi stereo headphones that are built-in to provide top-notch audio output. It also comes with buttons for volume control and answering phone calls. [+] CUSTOMIZED FIT FOR PERSONALIZED PLEASURE: Defying all ideas of cutting edge with forehead support and turn-and-lock adjustment strap to relieve pressure, replacing hard plastics with soft breathable sponges for the ultimate wearing comfort. [+] COMPATIBLE WTIH VIRTUALLY ALL SMARTPHONES:Fully compatible with 4.0 – 6.2 inch screens and smartphones from major brands such as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, HTC and more. Origin is an universal solution to viewing VR in all operating systems. Get VeeR Origin VR Headset at the lowest price here: